October 2009 - Colorado National Bank Notes by Frank Linhalf

For the October meeting of the Front Range Coin Club, the members were treated to a talk by Frank Linhalf on small size Colorado National Bank Notes. Frank had a slide show to present and displayed a collection of nationals as well as a 1935 map of Colorado.

Frank began by talking about the history of Nationals. Nationals began while President Lincoln was in office and continued until the summer of 1935. A bank could apply to be a National Bank, was issued a charter number and made a deposit with the U.S. Treasury. The government then would issue bank notes with the bank's name printed on them that the bank could distribute to its customers. In 1929, the government changed the format to small size notes to save money and also to standardize the look of U.S. currency. These small size notes, issued from July 1929 to July 1935 were the subject of Mr. Linhalf's talk.

Frank talked about the features of a national and displayed charts showing their rarity. Currently there are about 2000 small size nationals from Colorado for collectors to pursue. Some banks have over 100 notes known, while others have only 1 note known. He described the difference between type 1 and type 2 nationals and the reason there are so many serial number one notes for a particular bank. He showed the difference between a national bank note and a federal reserve bank note, which many people tend to confuse.

Frank finished by showing images of auction catalogues which displayed Colorado Nationals not contained in his collection. He talked a bit about his personal collection, which was on display and told some stories about his endeavors while pursuing Colorado Nationals.

The club appreciates Mr. Linhalfs efforts. Great presentation, Frank and thanks!

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