September 2009 - Daniel Carr and The Moonlight Mint

Dan Carr has three passions in his life. He is a mechanical engineer, he is a talented artist, and he is a numismatist. Dan designed the NY and ME State Quarters. He currently has a private mint, The Moonlight Mint, to produce his tokens and medals.

Dan purchased a Denver Mint Gräbener Press from a dealer in Littleton. This particular press went on the open market probably because it did not work and the owner did not have the ability to fix it or even know if it could be fixed.

The press was used by the Denver Mint from 1986 to 2000 and was used for mint sets and Philadelphia tokens. It was built in Germany and weighs 15,000 pounds. It is capable of producing 10,000 pieces/hr with 360 ton pressure.

Dan's program was to show the club pictures of his press from what it looked like when he bought it and the kinds of problems he had to deal with to fix it which were many and varied. The press was full of blanks and broken pieces and screws and dirt. Even the blanks looked wonderful all cleaned up. Dan used the blanks to make a token to commemorate his press.

One problem he had was he did not want the sound enclosure and got rid of it only to find out the press would not work unless all doors on the sound enclosure were shut. He jumped some wires to solve that problem.

Dan held an open house for club members to view his mint on Thursday Oct 1st and Friday Oct 9th.  Thanks, Dan!

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